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On the development of solar energy in Kazakhstan

The other day I gave a little commentary for the Kazakh national business weekly ' Kursiv ':.

Question:. Why solar panels are not popular in Kazakhstan, the cost of their installation, and at what time the investment will pay off?.

comment:. Solar panels and systems based on them are widely distributed throughout the world, but almost always it is stimulated by certain exemptions and subsidies from the state. various. programs to support solar energy. operate in many countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, USA and Japan. Through such programs return system, which converts the energy of sunlight into electricity, decreasing from 10-15 years to more acceptable terms. As for Kazakhstan, as far as I know, effective government programs to stimulate demand for solar panels you do not have. And invest in projects with a payback period of more than 10 years, the consumer is not in a hurry. Therefore, one of the real areas of market development in Kazakhstan today is an organization of power supply facilities, remote from existing transmission lines. As an example, can cause a project to install a small solar power plants in one of the oil passing through the territory of your country. This was exactly the case when the costs of organizing the traditional power were significantly higher than using alternative energy sources. But few of these projects. That's why solar cells in Kazakhstan is still not very popular.

As for the cost of installing solar energy systems, it is strongly dependent on the parameters and purpose of the system. For example, the solutions are identical to the power of installed solar panels, can be equipped with a variety of tank batteries. This substantially affects their total value. Therefore, as a guide, I would say about the numbers of the order of $ 4-5 per 1 W m. e. typical system power of 5 kW ( enough for a fully autonomous energy supply cottages for 4-5 people ) will cost the customer $ 20-24 thousand.

Question:. In Kazakhstan planiruyuut produce solar panels. Can I assume that they will be much cheaper than competitive offerings?.

comment:. Will the solar panels produced in the country to be cheaper than imported counterparts? . It all depends on many factors. First, I want to mention the fact that world prices for solar cells has long been declining. So to say that the production of specific products will be much cheaper than the competition can not. Even if today is your cost is attractive, then tomorrow it could be comparable to any competitor. The second point on which I want to emphasize - it's materials and components for solar cells ( photovoltaic cells, protective and sealing of the film, glass, aluminum profile, junction boxes, etc. n. ). The quality of these components is very critical to the quality of solar cell as a whole. And as far as I know, in Kazakhstan there own production of all the required items. Thus, many components have to be imported, which in turn will affect the cost of batteries. I think a cost that will compete with other manufacturers, is possible only if a decision on a complete set of solar material in domestic production. But to say that the Kazakh batteries are much cheaper than we can speak only after obtaining control of the production chain - from silicon to solar cells. As part of the same company or even within a country.

The article, which cited comments were used, was published in the latest issue of the weekly, pdf- version of articles looking at the.
Online ' Kursiv '.

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