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Email Extractor. How to extract emails from websites.

Just found out information about a great email extractor I stumbled upon. It extracts email addresses from websites, blogs and forums. Email extractor can also search emails in mail boxes, files , and so on.

Email extractor may harvest email addresses on blogs, forums, Facebook, Youtube or in any other place where customers are concentrated. In some cases you might not know websites you need to extract emails from but you know some keywords describing your customers. What you need to do is to enter relevant keywords in the textbox of application and press start button inside email extractor. Sometimes you have an awesome product and it is not well-known yet. You have to advertise it somehow.

You might not know where your audience surf but you might have some keywords which describe your business. Use these keywords in email extractor and it will find all of them in search engine like google. You may find and extract all emails scan all files on your disk and extract. Extract emails from sites Enter site/blog/forum name you want to scan and extract email addresses.

How to collect their contact information such as emails from websites like blogs and forums ? You can search them manually by using Google, Bing or run email extractor. Email extractor application is useful when you have to contact people and boast about your products. Sometimes you don't need to scan and extract emails form the whole site . Just enter pages urls and email extractor will do the work for you.

One of the best ways to sell your products or services is to extract emails from websites and send advertisement to people directly by email address, phone. Do you have any idea where your customers hang on on internet ? I suppose they are sit on search engines like Google, Bing, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs. They all have email addresses. Some of them leave contact info such as phones, emails on websites open.

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Emergency Medical Center will open in Volgograd as part of the national project 'Health'

the national project 'Health'. in the organization of medical aid to victims of road accidents. As the correspondent. a REGNUM. October 24, the press service of the regional administration in 2008 from the Volgograd region of the federal budget allocated 3 million rubles for the purchase of equipment for the Territorial Emergency Medicine Center. In the near future this center will be provided with software and hardware tools and resuscitation rescue equipment to assist victims of accidents.

http://www. regnum. ru/news/fd-south/medicine/1074353. html.

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On the development of solar energy in Kazakhstan

The other day I gave a little commentary for the Kazakh national business weekly ' Kursiv ':.

Question:. Why solar panels are not popular in Kazakhstan, the cost of their installation, and at what time the investment will pay off?.

comment:. Solar panels and systems based on them are widely distributed throughout the world, but almost always it is stimulated by certain exemptions and subsidies from the state. various. programs to support solar energy. operate in many countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, USA and Japan. Through such programs return system, which converts the energy of sunlight into electricity, decreasing from 10-15 years to more acceptable terms. As for Kazakhstan, as far as I know, effective government programs to stimulate demand for solar panels you do not have. And invest in projects with a payback period of more than 10 years, the consumer is not in a hurry. Therefore, one of the real areas of market development in Kazakhstan today is an organization of power supply facilities, remote from existing transmission lines. As an example, can cause a project to install a small solar power plants in one of the oil passing through the territory of your country. This was exactly the case when the costs of organizing the traditional power were significantly higher than using alternative energy sources. But few of these projects. That's why solar cells in Kazakhstan is still not very popular.

As for the cost of installing solar energy systems, it is strongly dependent on the parameters and purpose of the system. For example, the solutions are identical to the power of installed solar panels, can be equipped with a variety of tank batteries. This substantially affects their total value. Therefore, as a guide, I would say about the numbers of the order of $ 4-5 per 1 W m. e. typical system power of 5 kW ( enough for a fully autonomous energy supply cottages for 4-5 people ) will cost the customer $ 20-24 thousand.

Question:. In Kazakhstan planiruyuut produce solar panels. Can I assume that they will be much cheaper than competitive offerings?.

comment:. Will the solar panels produced in the country to be cheaper than imported counterparts? . It all depends on many factors. First, I want to mention the fact that world prices for solar cells has long been declining. So to say that the production of specific products will be much cheaper than the competition can not. Even if today is your cost is attractive, then tomorrow it could be comparable to any competitor. The second point on which I want to emphasize - it's materials and components for solar cells ( photovoltaic cells, protective and sealing of the film, glass, aluminum profile, junction boxes, etc. n. ). The quality of these components is very critical to the quality of solar cell as a whole. And as far as I know, in Kazakhstan there own production of all the required items. Thus, many components have to be imported, which in turn will affect the cost of batteries. I think a cost that will compete with other manufacturers, is possible only if a decision on a complete set of solar material in domestic production. But to say that the Kazakh batteries are much cheaper than we can speak only after obtaining control of the production chain - from silicon to solar cells. As part of the same company or even within a country.

The article, which cited comments were used, was published in the latest issue of the weekly, pdf- version of articles looking at the.
Online ' Kursiv '.

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How often do you break things?

Of the vehicles for the year uhaydachil two cheap DVD -player - the latter had bought more expensive, sometimes hangs with flash, but it works. And television all survived. My first handheld despite the price began to fail space rather quickly, and the new - for the second year with a bang. Sneakers Sprandi killed in 3 months, and at the Reebok takes about a year to knock a hole in the sole and heel to erase the crust.

And how are you?.

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Google has removed a key from Google

Google has decided to hide his key 1 of the SERPs. However, it did not disappear completely. The developers have hidden it for some reason. If you hover your mouse over the link, then this button will appear at its old location. At the moment it is impossible to predict what effect this innovation to the popularity of a. On the one hand, it will increase clicks, because users in the miraculous appearance of her immediately pay attention to it. True one button is not so bright out there. On the other hand, the majority may just not like a hidden opportunity to share an interesting website. Wait and see as they say. What you think about this?.

пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

' Blonde in chocolate ', or 15 million on Internet projects

The basis of the portal were to be services for communication - mail, sharing photos and videos, blogs, chat rooms and other. $ 4.5 million of the $ 15 -million budget of the project have gone on television advertising.
We also learned that top4top plans to buy audio and video content, claiming to have none of the major portals did not do it.

Thus, among the recent launches of the project cost is comparable only to that service LovePlanet - the cost of its advertising at the beginning of the year were estimated at $ 10 million. Compared with other intelligent life newborn - ' School portal - Single starting page ' - it may seem easy to the poor, because its budget was only 15 million rubles. Perhaps that is why the discovery he was all worse than Top4top - after opening the resource in December lasted only two days and closed with a promise to begin work in late January.

By the way, Top4top - a brilliant representative of the conquest of a new wave of business of the virtual space. 'Web 2. 0, among other things, all the same bubble: almost the same as the infamous dot-com in 1999-2000 - Anton writes in Antic computerra. ru. - Again, there are new projects like mushrooms; back at their creators often do not have the slightest consideration of how they will make money. More precisely, there are considerations, but a very vague '.
The difference between the new ' dot-com boom, ' that if the turn of the century gave the money just for the phrase ' web design ', we now require a unique product, which is already possible to go to the investors, and deliver a unique product in the new projects themselves must .

It is to such and is Top4top: here, on the idea, users will create the necessary content, and along with ads for the audience, consisting of themselves and those who are interested in their product. To pay for a product no one will - the user gets the pleasure of intercourse and the imaginary part in the popularity of the site, and the sponsors are trying to cash in on this pleasure. The scheme is not bad, but not yet fully debugged.

Experts Runet evaluating Top4top, agreed that the claimed budget and with proper use of the project can be a portal, which is closer to the ' Big Four ' (Yandex, Rambler, Mail. ru and RBC). The case for small - to create the desired traffic, which requires the audience to get a solid.

New Year holidays are over, and the site has finally come to life - January 7, Top4Top opened a public beta version. However, to access for all, for which the site was conceived and is still very far.
' Dibrov opened a sandbox for TV advertisers ' (Masha Formanyuk, webplanet. ru).

' Apparently, Top4Top created by the arrival of large advertisers to the Internet (which for a long time discussing market players, and to which sellers are prepared from the IMHO VI) - Maria Formanyuk writes in his article on webplanet. ru. - That is, advertisers are accustomed to placing the TV and the cost of quantity rather than quality of contact '.

Most likely, the way it is because the site is free for users can only live by advertising. Investing millions of dollars suggests that the creators of the project expect a lot more out of their offspring.
When will the inflow of advertising, and even more so when it starts to pay off - difficult to predict. So far, users visiting the site, they stumble on the technical shortcomings, and leave dissatisfied.

' Resource is positioned as a ' smart ', although the nature of content and advertising campaign in mass media suggest most of the sights on the mass audience - and the related advertising revenues ' - said Masha Formanyuk. ' A rough lyapom ' she calls it, that the site was opened only in the flash-version, available only in Internet Explorer. The problem of mapping in the major browsers quickly decided, but the discovery of hmtl- delayed version.

And this, I must say, essentially cuts the portal audience: far, far not all users have powerful engines and unlimited Internet traffic, to afford to work with flash- sites that draw a lot of traffic and impose certain requirements on the speed of the machine. Html- version, available to any user Runet, could solve the problem, but the sponsors have been slow to run it. Maybe because it is less bright, less attractive? . ru, a ' resource that eats bandwidth, built entirely in flash. Adapted from a blonde with a quick anlim '.

In the context of ' intelligent ' positioning of the portal is strange is that its authors offer as a simple registration, games, blogs, store files and stuff like that, that obviously will not help fill the intellectual content site. Unless the balance of a multi-million budget will be spent on the army of moderators, which are bound to be more and censors, which is contrary to the law on mass media in our country.
Even if the media voiced serious project budgets, it does not mean that the project can and will be placed on a high level ( LJ user nwcboss).

' How to lose a lot of money in the Russian Internet? ' . com member, Oleg Tarasov. ' Just do not understand - he writes. - A clear, intuitive interface on the site, and there probably will not, but one that is annoying. The entire portal is made in Flash, and graphics are extremely busy. Content is the most ordinary, gives yellow ( nostalgia for the ' young days ') and does not stand out, and even inferior to the existing quality portals '.

' If we talk about the process of discovery, then I, as a person closely associated with advertising, I want to express a sign of respect and approval of the people who planned access to the masses - the author writes a blog - site or online business crumblife. com. - This is a presentation before the mainstream media and the public provision of ... Well done guys, well done '.
But this praise is low, even in terms of advertising professionals. The entire portal is on Flash `e, and it is a portal with a large amount of content rather negative. Plus flash drives are only for promo sites.

Hip to zataskannosti black-white- red range site can not please. ' Red ball, the lessons of the establishment of which lie on each site of Photoshop, just a ' beauty ' - writes all of the same author with crumblife. com. - The only thing that somehow ' pleased ', a good icon in the center of the screen, and the fact that almost all of them copied from klipartovskih and freelance, it's because... trifle '.

' Top4tup ' - site called LiveJournal user sugrobello. ' I looked at the newborn megaportal ' top4top. ru ', called the most ambitious project Runet, the universe and the suburbs. Frankly, nothing but ambition is not found - he writes. - Common news, garbles perediraemaya everywhere, plus some of my friends embryo. And, by the way of pictures, so if the sponsors have decided to entertain us kazhdorazovym peregruzhaniem, then at least be bothered to shake the thumbnails in Ljudski '.
In addition, the site requires version 9 to view the Flash-player, he has many other shortcomings. Who went on a campaign about people one by one, they write about the problems with the registration and entrance to the site and delete the account - it is better not to think.

Agree with this opinion and Alexander Exler: ' Who are all designed - completely incomprehensible. But clearly shows that designed the ' portal ' showbiz personalities who do not understand is that in general such usability, interface, web design, etc.. To stick megaton flash, came up with something totally crazy and nobody say nothing title headings (' paranoid ', ' partzver ', ' word ', ' Om ' and so on ), hung with beeper and pukalkami - and forward to Showbiz on the Internet. I am silent about what to read the fine white letters on black background - just the gift to break their eyes. The more letters that are the usual news, ponadergannye everywhere '.

LJ user luchiaen site studied for a long time, and eventually came to the same opinion, to which users have come at once swung from the entrance to the site to other parts of Runet. ' Made on a flash site - it is wonderful, especially if the flash 9th - writes luchiaen. - I even had it specifically set to climb to the site, and it was only the second time (yes, it was the second ). The site loaded 15 seconds, which, in general, not terrible, if you forget that 15 seconds he was loaded on a 2- megabit channel. That is, megabytes, he still sucks.
Why? . Anyway, I did not understand anything the contents - all about vibrators somehow, made of vacuum cleaners and drills, and the Indians in Bugatti.

Black background and white letters are very small contribute to the understanding of reading material. And for a particularly dull material in each category, almost all duplicated on the right- and left-hand column '.

Of course, the site has a ' tutorial ' - it explains what information blocks on the page. Not for nothing, I should say, because without an explanation to understand, for example, the name of the block 'All Day ' is unrealistic.
I do not know for whom it's all done. It looks like a blonde in chocolate. Only if you get it and wash it turns out that it is painty forty Transvestite. And instead of chocolate - badly cooked condensed milk... (Alexander Exler ).

However, we can not say that everything remained dissatisfied users, because most - not all. His target audience is any site.

Judging by how the portal can be concluded that the major funds from the budget Top4top went out to pay for part of these stars in the project, and that the sponsors were right: the target audience - those who are interested in everything they do .

... ru Elter Ago. - Dibrov separate the wheat from the chaff and weed out all unnecessary. So, today I was on a glorious mission top4top. First, a very long time trying to master navigation (approx. 10 minutes ) and then realized that everything is very convenient and simple. And the web interface pleased. In general, there are all searching, news, chat, hranilka files, photo album, blog, linking blogs and Learn Lear, blocks of famous people and a lot of useful differences.
Now I 'll be there, probably, if you get used to the final '.

The last words - the key. Members of other blogs, photos and other video sharing sites, news feeds visitors - many of them prefer to have known and trusted resources is something new, besides, so inconvenient to use? . For promotion and access to the full return on the project authors assign a two-year.

strana. ru.

Interner during the flight will be free

However, the service is Internet access in flight will not go into the past. In place of Connexion by Boeing will Panasonic. Until the end of November the company will equip facilities for access to the network of over 500 aircraft. In the aircraft, where there is a system Connexion, Panasonic will replace only the modem and leave all other equipment, including satellite dishes.
Source:. Kompyulenta.